On Christmas Eve we took Santa and his reindeers, 3 goats, a sheep, Lady Gaga the duck, a hen and lots of rabbits and guinea pigs to Martin House Children’s Hospice, Boston Spa.

It was a very special event with over 200 children with their families and carers.

See the photos below:

date30 Dec

On the 28th December 2011 we visited a residential care home in York.

1 resident who had stayed in her room at the home and previously at her own home for over 12 years came downstairs to see the animals.

Everyone enjoyed seeing Jenny, this year’s pet lamb.

date28 Dec

On 4th December 2011 we attended Askham Bryan College Christmas Fair, we were helped by 2 DoE students Cindy and Constance.

Askham Bryan College were very kindly raising funds for us.

date7 Dec

On Friday 1st December we had our first Christmas visit this year with Alfie, mum and grandma.

date2 Dec