Ruben the rabbit happily rehomed, relaxed and chilled.

date25 Jul

Work experience at Nuzzlets.

date25 Jul

We found a very tired little baby owl on the road.

The vet said to keep it over night in a dark place and release the owl where we found it the following morning.

Next morning we released the owl and flew away into a corn field.

date16 Jul

We have rescued a baby hedgehog that we found on a road, he was very hungry. We will keep him until he weighs 600g and then he will be released in a safe place.

date16 Jul

We are so proud of 2 of our volunteers who carried the Olympic Torch on 19th June in Knaresborough. Caroline Houseman passed the torch to Jim Moulton. Congratulations to both of them.

date20 Jun

In February we met a beautiful little boy called Thomas and named one of our pet lambs after him. Please see the lovely photographs of Thomas with Thomas. On May 19th we helped his mum and grandma fundraise for Martin House Hospice.

date24 May

We have been really busy over Easter. We visited Martin House Hospice for their sibling day, the theme was their 25th birthday so we dressed up looking like we were going to a party.

Then we visited 2 inner city Leeds nurseries, the children and adults were thrilled, particularly with Zoom, our continental giant rabbit.

Ryedale Special Families from Malton braved the snow, they spent a fun and action packed day with us.

Katie enjoyed her 7th birthday here.

Several individual families visited during the 2 weeks holiday.

We were made to feel very welcome when we visited Sycamore Care Home in Ripon.

Tracey Oliver from York organised an Easter Party here, primarily for the families of Martin House Hospice and Hob Moor Oak Special School. It was very well attended and so a huge thank you to Tracey and her family and friends. Also thanks to Caroline, Music Therapist from Martin House, who saved the day when the heavens opened! by playing her guitar.

Madeline came to see us, with Age UK, she was 100 on the 5th April, our oldest visitor, what amazing lady.

date28 Apr

We are delighted that 2 of our volunteers have been chosen to run with the Olympic Torch.

Caroline Houseman and Jim Moulton are both running on 19th June 2012 in Knaresborough.

We are so proud of them and we will be there on the day cheering them on.

date22 Mar

Forest School visited us recently, we all had a great time.

One of the students particulary liked Zoom one of our giant continental rabbits, photo attached.

date14 Mar

Alfie enjoyed another visit to the farm, he particularly likes feeding the hens and ducks. He was amazed by our new giant rabbits in their rabbit stroller.

date29 Feb