If you would like to help us feed our animals please click on your chosen animal feed.

Please note once the payment is received we will use the money to purchase the appropriate food.







Rabbit Royale 20kg bag

Price £11.40
rabbit royale





Layers pellets 20 kg bag

Price £7.40

layers pellets

bale of hay





Bale of Hay

Price £5.00 per bale


bale of straw




Bale of Straw

Price: £4.00 per bale




Spillers Lite Balancer 20 kg bag

Price £18.99

lite balancer




Dengie Hi – Fi lite 20 kg bag

Price £12.99

hi-fi lite

large bag of carrots




Pony, Rabbit & Guinea Pig Carrots


large bag of carrots





Dodson & Horrell Goat Mix 20 kg bag

Price £ 10.25

goat mix

Payment can be made by cheque , Virgin Giving http:www.virginmoneygiving.com or PayPal.


Thank you for your purchase and support.